Where to find appliance model number

Factory labels of manufacturers or nameplates are special plates that contain information about the model, serial number, power, dimensions of the device, and other characteristics. For example, blenders and mixers sticker can be in three places: at the bottom, on the back of the gearbox, or at the joint between the gear and the housing.

And for some types of appliances, marking plates are only at the bottom. There are:

  • food processors
  • kettles

The serial number label has the Model Code and Product Number (PNC):

  1. Model code
  2. Product No (PNC) 
  3. Code ML
  4. Serial No

Refrigerators nameplates

  1. On the inner walls
  2. On the door inside
  3. On the side or back panel
  4. In the freezer

Cookers and ovens nameplates

  1. On the front panel on top or near the hinges
  2. Inside the drawer
  3. On the side or back wall

Hob nameplates

  1. On one side
  2. Under the hob, the sticker is visible when dismantled

Dishwasher nameplates

  1. Inside of the door
  2. On the safety plate
  3. On the front panel from the bottom - visible when the door is lowered
  4. On the back or sidewalls

Microwave oven nameplates

  1. On the inside of the door
  2. On the front of the case
  3. On the back of the case

Washing Machine and Tumble Dryers nameplates

  1. On the back of the safety plate
  2. On the door frame or near the hinges
  3. Behind the pump filter valve
  4. On the back or sidewalls

Cooker hood nameplates

  1. On top of the device
  2. On the bottom
  3. On the back

Vacuum cleaner nameplates

  1. At the bottom
  2. Near the outlet
  3. Next to the filter cover

Coffee maker and coffee machine nameplates

  1. At the bottom

Iron nameplates

  1. On the bottom of the body next to the soleplate