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Stock numberItemsPrice, UAH.Promotional price, UAH.
902979927Electrolux Dishwasher Salt 1kg M3GCS200 9029799277967
902979524Electrolux Universal Anti-vibration Pads E4WHPA02 902979524179152
902979919Electrolux Descaler for Washing Machines and Dishwasher E6WMDW12 902979919489416
902979930Electrolux Dishwasher Super Clean Degreaser M3DCP200 902979930 (2 x 50g)249212
902979931Electrolux Super Clean Degreaser for Washing Machines 902979931 2x50g249212
902979918Electrolux Clean and Care Washing Machine and Dishwasher 3 in 1 902979918379322
902979538Electrolux Glass Ceramic Hob Scraper E6HUE102 902979538179152
902979913Electrolux Universal Descaler M3KCD200 1000ml 902979913279237
902979937Electrolux Oven and Microwave Oven Care Spray 500ml M3OCS200 902979937299254
902979965Electrolux Stainless Steel Surface Care Cream 300ml 902979965269229
902979942Electrolux Refrigerator Cleaner 500ml M3RCS200 902979942319271
902979540Electrolux Blades For Scraper Cooking Area E6HUB102 902979540 (9029792323)179152
902979229Electrolux Fridge Freezer Ice Trays E3FVTRA1 902979229169144
902979948Electrolux Steam Oven Descaler M3OCD200 250ml 902979948249212
902979871Electrolux Coffee Machine Descaler ECODECALK mini M3BICD200 902979871 (2x100g)479407
902979237Electrolux Microwave Anti-Splash Plate Cover E4MWCOV1 902979237179152
902979795Electrolux Dryer Stacking Kit with Shelf E4YHMKP2 90297979522091878
902979793Electrolux Stacking Kit STA9GW for Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers 90297979322091878
902979796Electrolux Mounting Kit for Tumble Dryer STA8GW 90297979613691164


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Often looking for parts with article numbers E4TAM01 and spare parts for the model TT4452